Refund Policy

Refund For
Subscription Plan:

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We allow for a full refund within the first 30 days of the effective date if you have not used the service. If you have used the service, no refund can be issued since we pay our doctors very well for the consultations provided.

DrOnCall Subscriptions Through Third Parties,
Such As Employer Or Association:

The payment obligation, if your subscription is being paid for by a third party and that third party ceases to, or at any time is no longer obligated to, pay for your subscription or any other of your fees, you may continue your subscription if you arrange with us to have a direct membership. DrOnCall may end your subscription and access to the service if you fail make payment arrangements directly.

Refund Request
By Email Or Mail:

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DrOnCall.com c/o Insured Nomads Corporation
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Birmingham, Alabama, USA 35203, USA